Sponsorship with Hip-Hop Human iTerre: an opportunity to make a difference

Many non-profitorganizations are turning to humanitarian sponsorship to carry out their projects. Sponsorship is a wonderful way to make all kinds of donations, in different forms. It is therefore quite natural that within Hip-Hop Human iTerre, we decided to operate in this way, so that the values we hold dear can be transmitted. We receive donations from patrons in order to fulfill our desire to help the most disadvantaged populations. It is thanks to your support that we can bring these projects to life. We will therefore detail here what humanitarian sponsorship allows us to achieve, without forgetting to mention the different modalities inherent to this mode of financing, and the rewards it can bring.

Our missions, thanks to your support


Our goal is to help children and teenagers in difficulty by allowing them to move in an artistic and cultural bubble through hip-hop dance, singing, graffiti, etc. But in concrete terms, what are our missions?


  • To contribute financially to their daily needs (construction, housing,
    food, schooling, sports and cultural activities).
  • Provide in-kind support with new clothes, school supplies, books and more, depending on their requests.
  • To discover cultural and sports activities through our various talents
    (hip-hop dance, painting, singing, crafts, baking, etc.).
  • Fulfill the dreams of our volunteers who want to participate in a charity
Donation for disadvantaged children

Thanks to you, we are able to grow this incredible project and we are committed to transparency in the redistribution of your donation.


Humanitarian sponsorship: a generous approach that brings many benefits


Tax receipt


Beyond the fact of contributing to a meaningful project, this opportunity to help while feeding oneself with authentic values, beyond feeding a gratifying image of solidarity towards a humanitarian association, sponsorship is an approach that can also bring other significant benefits:


60% tax deduction for a company

60% of the amount paid is directly deducted from your corporate tax (IS).

For example, if your annual revenues are 20.000€, your IS will be equal to 3.000€. With a donation of 1000€, your IS will be equal to 2.400€ (60% of 1.000€ will be deducted).


66% tax deduction for an individual or sole proprietorship

66% of the amount paid is directly deducted from your income tax.

For example, if your taxable income is 20.000€, your IR (Income Tax) will be equal to 1.092€. With a donation of 1000€, your IR will be equal to 432€ (66% of 1.000€ will be deducted).

Humanitarian sponsorship: visibility and reward


Although sponsorship does not work in the same way as sponsorship in the sense that the material counterparts do not equal the value of the donation (for more information about this type of financing, please read our article on sponsorship), it nevertheless allows donors, through Hip-Hop Human iTerre, to gain visibility:

Now you know everything about how Hip-Hop Human iTerre supports children and how we fund it. This way of giving provides rewarding rewards that express the gratitude we have for you. And this is just the beginning!

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