Patronage: a means to serve cultural humanitarianism

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Today, more and more individuals are taking a solidarity approach by wishing to make donations to projects that are important to them. Whether they are individuals or companies, the objective remains the same: to help and contribute to the creation of projects, whether in the artistic or cultural field. The core values are support,mutual aid, solidarity, and a strong desire to change lives, on a personal level. But what is sponsorship? How does it work? Here we will review the different possibilities and shed some light on the subject for those who may not know exactly what it involves.

What is sponsorship?

Sponsorship in a few words

Let’s start with the definition of sponsorship: “material support provided, without direct consideration from the beneficiary, to a work or person for the exercise of activities of general interest”. Whether you are an individual or a company, you can decide to participate in different projects (and there are many) by making a donation. But then, in what form can a donation be made?

The different forms of donations

As a sponsor, you have several possibilities to generate a donation;

  • Do it in cash (money, which can be in several forms such as cash, checks, transfers, etc.) ;
  • in kind ;
  • in skills.

So many ways that allow you to carry out this desire to help and contribute to projects that make sense.

Sponsorship or patronage?

Be careful not to confuse sponsorship and patronage, which, although legally no different, are nevertheless quite distinct. Indeed, sponsorship will provide counterparts, most often advertising, up to the amount of the donation, while sponsorship does not provide counterparts, but can still provide them provided that they are not advertising services, that these counterparts do not equal the donation made and that they are limited to the mention of the donor, for example. In short, sponsorship is a purchase of advertising services, whereas patronage is a donation. To make a donation to Hip-Hop Human iTerre, you can click here.

Who are the beneficiaries of the donations generated?

The beneficiaries of the donations (public or private organizations, with disinterested management and with an objective of valorization of the artistic heritage, etc.) must serve the general interest and be of a non-lucrative nature. Whether it is in the artistic, cultural, humanitarian or sports fields, or all of them at the same time, the most important thing is that the action be done without any expectation of compensation and that it be marked by the desire to encourage mutual aid, sharing and generosity. Do not hesitate to inquire about the charities for which you would like to make a donation, to ensure that they are eligible and that you can benefit from a tax reduction.

Patronage: tax reduction for individuals and companies

If you are an individual, all the donations you make to eligible organizations will allow you to benefit from a tax reduction at the rate of 66% of the sums you have paid. As for donations made by companies, the tax reduction will amount to 60% of the amount of the donation.

As you can see, becoming a sponsor for humanitarian causes that echo your desire to help people in need can be a very rewarding experience for you, beyond its philanthropic nature. This money, together with other donations, can be used to provide supplies, medical assistance, support for children’s schooling, courses in various fields, etc., in some countries where living conditions are not the same as those we know. These donations can change lives, even if it’s just a few dozen euros. If you would like to know more about the projects that are close to the heart of the Hip-Hop Human iTerre association, before you get involved, you can click right here.


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