Humanitarian trip Nicaragua: art as a link for children in difficulty

4 Sep 2022Travel

It is in Nicaragua that theHip Hop Human iTerre team’s epic journey continues. Country bordering Costa Rica to the south and Honduras to the north, land of some 40 active volcanoes, counted as one of the poorest countries inAmerica. It is here that the three dancers and volunteers of the association will land. This humanitarian trip to Nicaragua will be a new way to keep the project ofhelping the poor alive, by collecting donations. We are taking you with us on this journey whereemotion will not leave our three volunteers. A journey punctuated with laughter, strong moments of sharing andexchange.


First stop at Rivas


Humanitarian trip Nicaragua: Bethel Center, driven by the desire to help children in disadvantaged neighborhoods


It is in the center of Bethel in Rivas, which provides schooling for children from families in difficulty and is driven by the desire to see the dreams of these children, Benjamin, David and Tony arrive for the first stage of this trip in America central, in 2020. The destinations change, but the objective remains the same, iThey are always aussi motivated by the idea of helping children and sharing with them the passion of dance. These few days in their company will be punctuated by music, muscular awakening or learning various choreographies. It is with great pleasure that the three speakers will see on the face of these children the joy of spending a moment out of time, like an enchanting bubble in a rather difficult daily life.


Center located a few hundred meters from the city’s public dump


The Bethel Center is located 200 meters from the Rivas dump. Between two days of dance and with the agreement of the association, our three speakers discover the working conditions of the parents who spend 12 hours a day in toxic fumes sorting waste. A very sad observation which will motivate the three dancers even more to try to bring to the children moments of pleasure and relaxation, punctuated by the music and the various exercises proposed. So it is in the slums, where stray dogs come and go, that they will be with the children for a week.


Humanitarian trip Nicaragua: second stage of the trip to Grenada


After a week in Rivas, direction Grenada where David, Benjamin and Tony are welcomed by the team of “la casa de los suenos”. Here, they discover a school that opens its doors to children from disadvantaged neighborhoods, where drugs and violence punctuate daily life. It offers them a secure parenthesis during the day, where hope is one of the key words. The school allows them to study, eat, and play in safety, providing a true haven for them. It has several classrooms, a kitchen, an outdoor area, drinking water, toilets and even a place to wash their hands. During these few days, the children and our three dance teachers will organize a show and perform for the parents who came for the occasion. The results were as good as the exchanges and encounters made on site: MAGIC.


This humanitarian trip to Nicaragua will have deeply marked the three dancers. Dancing, indulging their passion with all these children eager to learn, has been an incredible experience. This humanitarian journey, tinged with smiles, laughter and expressive looks, did not need so many words. There are moments that are hard to describe, but that will remain in their minds, without a doubt. Shared moments where violence, fear and negative influences had no place, and where art could express itself. Moments marked by the desire to be there for them, even if only for a few days, thanks also to the associations on the spot who work every day so that these children have a serene future and cultivate the hope of a better daily life. It is thus once again more determined than ever that the Hip Hop Human iTerre team leaves the country, the head full of future projects.



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