Going on a humanitarian trip: when dancing with children rhymes with artistic and cultural sharing

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Many people dream of helping people in need, but don’t dare to take the plunge. Some countries are greatly disadvantaged, and the children in those countries suffer the consequences every day. Yet they represent our future, and they all deserve to be helped and supported. It is therefore in this spirit of mutual aid that many humanitarian associations have been and continue to be created. We will focus here on dance, but our Hip-Hop Human iTerre association promotesart in many forms, from dance to singing. Want to know more about going on a humanitarian trip? You want to participate in a project where humanism, mutual aid and solidarity are the common thread? We will try here to express these values put forward by volunteering and voluntary work, within the framework of a humanitarian mission around art, and more particularly around dance.


To meet the other through dance


Going on a humanitarian trip means reaching out to others, giving of yourself. But when the dance gets involved, a multitude of values explode in all directions like the notes of a catchy melody. Dancing is learning about ourselves, experiencing the emotions that run through us. To dance is to find a way to express them. Moving to the rhythm of the music is sometimes a real catharsis. So, when we dance in a group, the sharing is total, and we also receive what the Other has to offer us. We vibrate together, at the same rhythm, beyond the spoken words. Beyond the language we speak. We exchange values, experiences, while fulfilling a common passion. You learn to balance discipline, rigor and letting go, but also frustration. To make a humanitarian journey around dance is to go and meet the other, but it is also to meet oneself. You don’t need to be a professional to do this, you just need to want to unite around a common art, and to want to share with others the things you know how to do.


Make a humanitarian trip: help underprivileged children


We are not all equal in our privileges. Yet every child should have access to art and recreation, no matter where they live. Making a humanitarian trip is already a great way to help these children. Volunteering with them is a way to encourage emotionally rich exchanges. Children have so much to teach us, and more importantly, they too are often eager to learn new things while letting off steam. Whatever the method of contribution chosen with an association (patronage, sponsorship, etc.), thanks to you, the children will be able to benefit from a support, they will be able to practice a sport, while having fun. It is above all a human experience, where the notion of sharing is essential.


To contribute to the perpetuation of art and to promote cultural exchanges


Dance is an art, an art that is lived and shared. It is an infinite means of expressing emotions and also promotes cultural exchange. When you go on a humanitarian mission, you are moving to a country that you may not know and whose customs you are not familiar with. You are thus propelled into a different culture, different smells, a different way of living with the Other and a completely different belief system. Dance can be a bridge between you and these children, who know nothing about you either. By making a humanitarian trip around dance (or even singing, if you have this talent), you will allow the perpetuation of art, culture, while living an enriching experience with children in need. The exchange will be reciprocal, as it will create a welcome artistic interlude in the lives of these children. You will be able to share strong values through the practice of these disciplines, despite the language barrier.


As you will have noticed, going on a humanitarian trip means the promise of experiencing a whole range of strong emotions, whatever the field. The most important thing is to help people who need it, to give of oneself and to exchange with others, beyond words. Isn’t it often through art that all kinds of strong messages are transmitted and shared with others? Dance, as we have seen, represents a wonderful way to create a link with populations in difficulty, a way to offer them an enchanted interlude that promotes self-confidence, body awareness, discipline, and motivation. If you would like to know more about our association, feel free to contact us contact or take a look at the projects we are interested in and how we are making them happen, just here .


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