Humanitarian trip to the Philippines: an artistic interlude offered to children and teenagers in difficulty

4 Sep 2022Travel

It is with the Alouette association which is in charge of sponsoring children throughout their education school that our four volunteers, Benjamin, David, Noémie and Yann, went to the Philippines, a SoutheastAsian country made up of 7,641 islands, in 2019. Paradisiac lands prized by tourists, but behind which lies poverty and children in need, often left to their own devices. Benjamin and David are the creators of Hip-Hop Human iTerre dancers and enthusiasts. Noémie is a singer and musician and Yann is a professional videographer. It is strong of all these these that they were able to go to these places, and allow all these these children to spend quality time using their talents, while helping to awaken their own. We take you embark with us on this humanitarian trip to the Philippines, where difficulties and suffering mingle with the smiles of the children we have met, and where benevolence, mutual aid and altruism are the common thread.


Humanitarian trip Philippines: first intervention in Manila


The journey begins in Manila, where our four artists meet Irene, the person in charge of the Alouette association on the spot, who explains to them how much the children are left to themselves, in need of love. This association is a wonderful opportunity to give these children the attention they deserve ; school support, but also medical assistance for their families in difficulty. The music is launched, and the magic operates. The children learn the movements and postures shown by Benjamin and David, and smiles appear on their faces. Aren’t children the strongest ? No matter what difficulties they encounter from birth, they have this natural ability to explode with joy, to show motivation, to enjoy the moment. It is a great lesson of life and humility for our four speakers, used to a different daily life.


Visit to a shelter for sexually abused girls in Palawan


It is with great emotion that Gemma, from the Alouette association in Palawanexplains to us that here they are of sexually abused girls who are taken into care. This visit is therefore difficult for Benjamin, David, Noémie and Yann, who are nevertheless determined to face things head on and to offer a positive parenthesis in this difficult daily life. Noémie starts to sing and Marjorie (who also works for the association Alouette) also starts to sing, to the great pleasure of the young girls present, who were shy and reserved at first. One thing led to another, and they all set fire to the dancefloor by exposing to everyone’s ears some hidden talents of singers!


Humanitarian trip to the Philippines: an artistic interlude in Baguio


We are then propelled to Baguio, known as the “summer capital” of the Philippines, in the mountains of Benguet province, on the island of Luzon. The four representatives of Hip Hip Human iTerre discover the surrounding nature, accompanied by the locals. What’s on the agenda? Dancing and singing, beautiful moments of sharing with the children who live there. The school’s teacher explains that for the few children who benefit from the support of the Alouette association, it is a real opportunity and even a chance. However, they have to work hard, very hard, to prove that they “deserve” it. It is a real heartbreak because we would like them all to have access to this guidance.


A final intervention in the slums of Manila


The trip ends with a return to Manila, where our speakers will initiate a street-show, in the alleys of the city, surrounded by slums. The children reproduce a hip hop choreography, a dazzling smile on their faces, laughter, heads swinging to the rhythm of the music, David and Benjamin give their all to transmit their passion for dance. The melodies give rhythm to their steps, which tread the ground with energy. It is with a heart full of love and a stronger wish than ever to continue that our speakers leave the Philippines.


This was the third trip of a (hopefully long) series to different countries. Always with the same goal, the same intention: to meet these children in difficulty and try to bring them beautiful moments of sport, culture and sharing. It is also thanks to all these associations that we are able to intervene in these countries: their determination, their benevolence, their desire to help disadvantaged children, who are often abused or alone, are all points that show how things can change, little by little. If you feel touched or concerned, you can also read our article on the sponsorship which explains how things work in order to contribute to these beautiful projects.


The complete video report :


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